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Everyone at Puntillo & Crane is very helpful. Also, they are very nice and answer any questions I have with a straight answer and a smile.

I was kind of nervous when I was going to get my braces on. Then I went in and it was great!! My embarrassing gap is gone and I already see an even bigger difference in the rest of my teeth and I have yet a year to go still!! Puntillo and Crane, I'm happy I went to you.

I absolutely love Puntillo and Crane Orthodontics. I started with Dr. Puntillo several years ago, and have the privilege of having Dr. Cane as my primary orthodontist as of now. Getting closer to finishing my treatment, with only a few months to go, and loving my new smile. The professionalism, knowledge, and expertise of both orthodontists are absolutely phenomenal. The office staff are extremely helpful, especially Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Donna. Dr. Puntillo and Dr. Crane have both gone to great lengths to bring my teeth to a place of perfection. I can smile with confidence and dignity knowing that my teeth are in alignment. The compliments that I have received in regards to having beautiful teeth have built my self-esteem as well. I recommend anyone looking for great orthodontists that care about your teeth to try Puntillo and Crane Orthodontics. So, glad after researching for an excellent orthodontist several years ago, that I found Puntillo & Crane Orthodontics!~

The staff is very very nice! Braces hurt sometimes, but, going to Puntillo and Crane makes it much more enjoyable! My teeth have straightened more than I could have ever imagined in just a months!