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Puntillo & Crane Orthodontics is an extremely kid-friendly business that has a great atmosphere about it. Kind and respectful, the staff members easily make the experience at P&C worth it, giving thorough explanations of what braces will be like and what to expect from them. The actual building is also a very cheery and furnished place, and extra add-ons, like the tooth-brushing station, are very helpful. As an extra bonus, Puntillo & Crane offers a fun and involving program for their younger patients; all kids are able to participate in "Puntillo Points", a great program that encourages the children to earn points through doing good in the community or in their lives. I'm excited to participate in "Puntillo Points" and everything else Puntillo & Crane has to offer.

All and all, Puntillo & Crane Orthodontics is a great place to have your braces or other dental care procedures done, and I'd recommend their service to anyone searching for good orthodontics place.

We have had exceptional customer service!

Everyone is nice and it has a friendly atmosphere

I loved the comfort they gave me. I had all my questions answered