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Amazing! Everything about them is awesome! From the super nice staff to the patients perks like coffee and video game systems, it is the greatest! And you don’t have to pay a penny until they treat you with something, like braces or a retainer. One of the best parts is the Puntillo Points program! You get points for losing baby teeth, getting braces on/off, referring a friend, taking a survey of theirs, following them on social media, having a good checkup, or just being early for and appointment! I got points just for having to wait a while! And I’m getting points right now just for writing a review! And you can cash them in for real prizes, like gift cards!! Puntillo and Crane is the best, and I highly recommend them!! Thanks for reading!

very friendly staff that is gentle and caring. they have solutions for every problem i’ve had in my mouth. glad they can fix my teeth!

Super friendly staff. Can't wait to get my straight teeth.